Company History

Created on 1 December 2004 by two experienced physicists, LEVISYS is a French high-tech company specializing in the design, development, production and marketing of very high performance flywheels.

The founders of LEVISYS, convinced that flywheels will occupy a prominent place in the inevitable transition to low carbon energy, have from the outset oriented the development of their product to optimize yields, reliability and cost reduction, in line with the recommendations of the INVESTIRE1 study funded by the European Commission.

Several major innovations were introduced on magnetic levitation, electric conversion machine, highly integrated architecture and the absence of cooling system. The carbon fiber rotor was developed jointly with the world's leading aerospace company, Airbus Industrie. Thus the first characterizations of the industrial prototype (10 kW.h - 10 kW) show an overall efficiency never reached with this technology (> 97%), a very low self-discharge allowing to conserve energy stored for several weeks and an excellent adaptation to demanding applications in terms of stress.

These results confirm those obtained in 2010 by EDF's Clamart R&D center from a LEVISYS prototype. At that time, the founders had sought for benefit from an expertise independent of their technology.

Ten (10) flywheels are currently being installed in a smart grid demonstrator at the size of a zone of economic activity in Toulouse (Smart ZAE project)2. The findings will be available before the end of 2016.

At the same time, LEVISYS is acquiring an industrial production facility as part of the FLYPROD (FLYwheel PRODuction)2 project. In partnership with the Aube Departmental Council, a plant dedicated to this activity will be commissioned, and a pilot production line will enable LEVISYS to put on the market a 100 machines per year from the end of 2016. The building was also designed to allow rapid expansion to 500 machines per year.

Supported by the French authorities and with more than ten (10) years of experience, LEVISYS is today the leader in the industrial sector of energy storage by flywheels and has all the assets to quickly become a leading player in the international electricity storage market.

1 CONTRACT N° ENK5-CT-2000-20336 - INVESTIRE-NETWORK - Investigation on Storage Technologies for Intermittent Renewable Energies: Evaluation and recommended R&D strategy - 2003/06/17

2 The Smart ZAE and FLYPROD projects are supported by ADEME's "Investissements d’Avenir" (Investments in Futures) program.


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