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Our history

Founded in 2004 by two experienced physicists, LEVISYS is a high-tech French company specializing in the design, development and manufacture of very high performance flywheels.

Convinced that flywheels will occupy a prominent place in the inevitable transition to less carbon energy, the founders of LEVISYS directed, from the outset, the development of their product towards optimizing yields, improving reliability and lower costs, thereby meeting the recommendations of the INVESTIRE1 study funded by the European Commission.

The creation of the industrial prototype

volants inertie.jpg

Thanks to several major protected innovations, relating in particular to magnetic levitation, the electrical conversion machine, the highly integrated architecture or even the absence of cooling auxiliary,

the first characterizations of the industrial prototype (10 kW.h - 10 kW), the carbon fiber rotor of which was developed jointly with the world leader in aeronautics, Airbus Industrie, highlights a global yield never achieved with this technology (> 97%),


a very low self-discharge making it possible to conserve the energy stored for several weeks and an excellent adaptation to demanding applications in terms of stress.


These results confirm those obtained in 2010 by EDF's Clamart R&D center from a laboratory LEVISYS prototype.

Ten flywheels were installed in an intelligent network demonstrator the size of an economic activity zone in Toulouse (Smart ZAE project) in 2016. This confirmed the technological potential.




At the same time, LEVISYS is acquiring an industrial production tool within the framework of the FLYPROD project (FLYwheel Production) 2.


In partnership with the Departmental Council of Aube, a factory dedicated to this activity has been put into service, and a pilot production line has enabled LEVISYS to put on the market a hundred machines per year since the end of 2016.


The building was also designed to allow rapid expansion to 500 machines / year.


Levisys is now focusing on three markets:

  1. stabilization of electrical networks rather in Asia,

  2. production of drinking water from salt water independently with a specialist partner of batteries / solar panels / ultra filtration membrane. The flywheel is

  3. the house for self-consumption in housing estates with social landlords.

The origin

2016: Smart ZAE and FLYPROD projects

The flywheel applications

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