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Electrochemical batteries

LEVISYS 'strategy of becoming a global player in storage and enabling its customers to benefit from the considerable drop in the price of lithium batteries,


Levisys has entered into strategic partnerships and distribution agreements with the world's largest suppliers of this technology.


More recently, Levisys has also approached SNAM to integrate recycled lithium batteries into its offer.

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LEVISYS is able to guide you in the choice of technology
and storage system best suited to your needs and you
propose an optimal dimensioning.

The systems available cover a wide range of power and
of energy (from kW - kW.h to MW - MW.h).

Thanks to batteries, the rate of self-production and self-consumption increases by 30%.

The main objective of this activity is to demonstrate the beneficial attribution of self-consumption via storage for a collective installation.

The project carried out with Plurial Novilia to equip twelve houses with this self-consumption kit has made it possible to achieve this objective and therefore ensure its reliability.

Levisys and its partners have therefore found a solution that provides economic benefits to consumers while acting for the planet.

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The creation of the industrial prototype

The creation of the industrial prototype

The creation of the industrial prototype

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