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Installation and means of production

An ultra-modern factory was built on the Technopole de l'Aube site in Troyes to produce LEVISYS flywheels.


This construction was carried out, with the assistance of the Departmental Council of Aube, within the framework of the FLYPROD project assisted by ADEME and Investissements d'Avenir within the framework of the development of the French energy storage sector.


This production unit manages parts supply and assembles flywheels in optimum performance and quality conditions.

On a total surface of 4,000 m², it consists of a workshop of 2,700 m² including:


  • A component supply and storage area,


  • A quality control area for parts,


  • An assembly area with dedicated and specialized islands ,


  • A steering wheel test area


  • A preparation area for steering wheel expeditions.

LOGO investissement d'avenir.png

A systematic and optimized quality control process for the parts making up the steering wheel enables it to be assembled within high-precision manufacturing tolerances.

These assemblies are carried out in specialized islands by highly qualified technicians who ensure the continuous traceability of the quality controls of our steering wheels.

The assembled steering wheels are then subjected to intensive tests in a test area integrated into the factory under real operating conditions for the purposes of qualification and pre-shipment certification at our customers' sites.


This area has 5 secure silos . It makes it possible to test 5 steering wheels simultaneously over the entire qualification cycle .


These automated and digital test processes allow us to ensure the complete traceability of the performance parameters of our steering wheels and their monitoring on the operating sites of our customers.


This factory, which is designed to produce 500 flywheels per year, can be extended on the same site to meet market needs.

The creation of the industrial prototype

The creation of the industrial prototype

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